Last Revised 10/31/21
What is the IVY Utility and How Does It Work?
Welcome to the IVY software utility (“IVY Utility”). The IVY Utility is a smart contract browser-based software mechanism that users may use to initiate and sign a blockchain transaction between two addresses. An initiating or sending user can present a Quick Response (QR) code (representing a URL) to a recipient user, and when the recipient user scans the code and loads the URL in their web browser, the value is moved from the blockchain wallet address associated with the code being held by the sending user to a new blockchain address now controlled by the recipient user. These addresses are controlled and tracked by a public smart contract. When the sending user shares the URL with the recipient user, and that URL is loaded into the recipient user’s web browser, several steps occur automatically. The public smart contract signs and associates the ownership of the token value(s) to a new address controlled by the public smart contract. Using key parameters (Index Key, Claim Key, Private Key), the software mechanism produces a signed message to the public smart contract, which cryptographically verifies that the sender properly authorized the transfer of their tokens. Once verified, the public smart contract moves tokens out of one address, and into another. The user controls whether these steps occur; we do not. While the IVY Utility is a useful tool for interacting with the public smart contract, it is not required to use the public smart contract. Any software that can send the correct parameters to the public smart contract for decryption and execution can interact with it (e.g., MetaMask). The public smart contract is controlled entirely by parameters held by the users, not by us. Because there are ‘gas fees’ required in connection with certain blockchain write transactions (e.g., Ethereum) that users may initiate using the IVY Utility, this fee amount must be paid, when applicable, by the user initiating a transfer in order for the public smart contract to sign and send a transaction between two smart contract addresses. When a user initiates such a transfer, the public smart contract will reduce the amount transferred by the value of the gas fees. This reduction is initiated and controlled by the user, not by us. We have no control over the user’s gas fees. Where the token cannot itself be used to pay a necessary gas fee, the user will obtain the necessary gas from a decentralized exchange by initiating the transfer. We do not control this decentralized exchange or the user’s initiation of a transaction on the decentralized exchange. By initiating a transfer involving a transaction on a decentralized exchange, the user also initiates the transaction on the decentralized exchange. We cannot and will not initiate this decentralized exchange transaction for the user. IVY is live on SKALE, and launching shortly on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and others.