Making token delivery easy, one scan at a time.

You Haven’t Seen NFTs Move Like This:

Using our patent-pending visual value sole-custody transfer, you can store and transfer any basket of EVM tokens to someone else (i.e. NFTs, WBTC & USDC) with just a scan.

Neither sender or receiver needs an account, an app, or a crypto wallet. IVY securly moves tokens, on chain, between browsers with each scan. Every scan creates a new wallet with sole custody in the browser, allowing tokens to be held or sent to another wallet address at any time.

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Backup & Reload
Your Ivy Code.

If you copied your passphrase, you can manually restore your wallet and re-authenticate to a new device. RELOAD YOUR IVY CODE

Instant Token Scan.

IVY allows anyone with a smart phone and web browser to accept NFTs, and a basket of other tokens, just by scanning a QR code.

Upon loading an IVY code, sole custody is established within an instant browser based wallet. When tokens are in an IVY code, access to them is only dependent on the user having the private data contained in their device, or in their backed up passphrase. Users can also scan tokens back and forth, using their built in transfer QR codes!
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Any where you can put a QR code, you can deliver tokens.

Take friction out of delivering your NFTs and tokens to mass groups.

Using IVY NFT Dispensary ™ technology a single QR code can deliver a unique NFT to each person who scans it, allowing for instant delivery to large audiences.

By removing the need for new users to have a wallet - anyone with a smart phone can accept NFTs and tokens. Anywhere you can put a QR code, you can deliver tokens.

Baseball Stadium? Music Festival? Video Game? Sidewalk? Anywhere you can put a QR code, IVY delivers tokens.
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Full custody.

Any unclaimed Ivy Code has all the information that is needed to give that value to someone else. No additional seed phrase, key, or password is needed. When someone scans an IVY code, they initiate the transfer from one wallet, to another. With IVY, you can use your browser password manager, or store your recovery phrase in a secure storage method of your choice.

It’s important to note anyone can always directly interface with the smart contracts using third party tools (i.e. MetaMask, Command Line, etc.). Your recovery code contains all the parameters required to access your tokens. You are always in control of your funds. IVY never - not even for a nanosecond - controls your tokens, only you do.
For enterprise clients that require a custodied solution, IVY can make token delivery easier for you too. Contact us.

It's a Multi Chain World

solution image Built for Ethereum, live on SKALE, and compatible with any Layer 2 solution. Coming soon to Polygon, Avalanche, Solana and more. Our mission is simple, make token delivery easy.

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Our journey to simplify the use and adoption of tokens (crypto, NFTs) began in 2017. We are a diverse global team with a successful history in Europe and Silicon Valley - bringing decades of experience in telecom, software and blockchain product development, and the entertainment industry. And, an advisory board that’s always considering how to truly innovate.
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IVY Wallet Support

Important: Before Contacting Support, please Note: IVY never stores recovery codes, and cannot
retrieve your tokens for you. But we may be able to help you get back to your
stored code if you have it saved correctly elsewhere.